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2015 AGM Agenda

Snow Lake Legion
7:30-9:00 PM
September 17, 2015

Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Presidents Report
Awards and Presentations
Financial Statement
Fee structure
Approval of 2015 Bylaws
Events for the 2015-2016 year

Agenda Motion to accept the agenda as proposed

Motion to accept the minutes as presented

Presidents Report 2014 - 2015

2015 Chamber of Commerce Awards and Presentations

Financial Statement
Submitted audited statement.

Revised Fee structure
Motion to accept a new fee structure for the 2015-16 year:
Non-Profit $50
Home Based Business $50
Individual $50
2-4 Staff $75
5 -10 Staff 100
11-20 Staff $150
21-49 Staff $250
50+ Staff $60

Adopt the 2015 Bylaws as proposed.

Elections of Candidates A list of nominated candidates will be resented and addition nominations received. If more that one candidate is nominated for a position a brief presentation will be offered to the candidates followed by an election. Positions with only one candidate will be awarded though acclimation.

Positions available for consideration are

(2) Directors

Events for 2015 - 2016

Other Business

April 13 2014

Snow Lake Chamber of Commerce attended the Manitoba Chambers Annual General Meeting

Three Snow Lake resolutions were passed at the AGM.

1. Cutting Crown Land Transfer Red Tape
ISSUE:The town of Snow Lake is preparing for expansion because of the billion dollar mineral resource development of the massive multimetallic Lalor Mine. The town has
requested to purchase from theProvince some crown land within the town's boundaries. Red tape has meant some pieces of land havetaken more than 4 years to transfer title. This has resulted in unacceptable delays and loss of business development. This costly administrative delay and red tape is a province wide issue.


That the provincial government establishes a cross-departmental committee to be led by the Policyand Planning Secretariat to develop aland classification and disposition process to ensure the timelyrelease of Crown land required for urban expansionand economic development, such as the Town ofSnow Lake.

2.Promotion of Mineral Exploration

Mining as a Positive Economic Engine for Manitoba
Issue:Exploration is vital to a healthy and sustainable mineral resource industry and province. It has been asignificant source of revenue for all Manitobans by creating jobs, paying taxes, and producing service companies.Junior exploration lacks operating cash flow;therefore they are dependent on equity financing, leaving them vulnerable toinvestors seeking the jurisdictions/provinces with the best policies.Natural Resources Canada has reported that since 2011, exploration and deposit appraisal expendituresin Manitoba have declined by nearly 50%. Mineral exploration within Manitoba requiresa competitive provincial policy to contribute to the economy.
As extremely well described in the book “Resource Rulers” aboriginal peoples have had over 150 legal wins, many in the Supreme Court, clearly establishing their role related to resource development. There is a well-documented legal standard requiring consultati
on with aboriginal people.The mineral resources industry in Manitoba has been negatively impacted by a lack of Provincial Government leadership on the required consultative process with aboriginal people. This lack of positive action by the province is having a deep economic impact, not only in Northern communities, but to the well-being of the province as a whole.
That the provincial government:
 - Increase direct support to prospectors and junior exploration companies.
 - Take leadership steps to move Manitoba from 21st place to restore to the #1 position on the Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies identifying Manitoba as a global leader in mining exploration policies

April 15 2014

HudBay Minerals Procurement: How to be a supplier

Cal Huntley, Contracts Administrator presented on Tuesday April 15th at noon at the Outland Camp. The crowd of 32 was larger than in the past. Many businesses attended keen to understand how to become suppliers to Hudbay.

"Throughout Hudbay’s history, we have recognized the importance of good community relationships. What e have learned guides us today. We understand that in order to maintain our social licence to operate and to create long-term value for our company, our shareholders and society at large, we must work in partnership with communities and governments and we must deliver a broader benefit from our presence.

We make best efforts to purchase goods and services from qualified, cost-competitive vendors and contractors within the local region or country. While much of our equipment requires the scale, advanced technologies and support capabilities of large international suppliers, there are generally opportunities for local businesses in areas such as construction, maintenance, transportation and catering."  Hudbay Minerals CSR 2012 Report